Property Management

We are proud of our ability to effectively manage our clients’ properties with the assistance of our team of expert contractors covering all fields of property maintenance. Our contractors have worked with us for many years so we are completely confident in their proficiency to start and finish any works to a high standard, within an agreed timescale and for a reasonable cost.

Each contractor is meticulously vetted and we ensure they are all accredited to the required legal standards (where applicable), fully insured and acquainted with what is expected of them in terms of our commitment to our clients for professionalism and due diligence.

Christian Richard are committed to being the primary property management agency of choice in our market place and that requires a planned and responsive strategy. We will continually assess your property’s condition through the course of any tenancy and provide our recommendations for ongoing works that can be carried out in void periods in order to maintain it’s condition. We will oversee all levels of maintenance works from the smallest repairs up to larger scale refurbishments. We will provide you with any information regarding suggested works, allowing you to make an informed decision.

A key aspect in being able to deliver this effective management will be the preparation of a professional inventory prior to the start of any tenancy and a comprehensive check-in and check-out to provide a full picture of the property condition. This will ensure we are best placed to protect the fabric of your property and ensure the quality of your investment is sustainable.